Cooking uses materials from Fishing Skill and products from Planting.

  • Upgrade Skill:
    Level 1-5, you can upgrade skill at:
    Luo Yang: Carp Jiang (131,154)
    Su Zhou: Sagacious (189,172)
    Da Li: Swift Du (114,157)
    Kroraina: Ma cook (211,172)
    Level 6-10, you can upgrade at NPC Fat Du (45,73) in your Guild.
    You can buy Recipt at main city.
    Luo Yang
    Luo Yang: Buy at Chef Li (128,154), Luo Yang
    Su Zhou
    Su Zhou: Buy at Gourmet Bao (190,169), Su Zhou
    Da Li
    Da Li: Buy at Soaring Du (110,158), Da Li
  • Menu:
    To cook by original materials, You must fishing the corresponding level
    -Basic: Level 1-3
    -Intermediate: Level 4-6
    -High: Level 7-10
    After having materials, you process it (make it in Cooking Skill). 10 materials will be processed 1 Basic/Intermediate/High food.

Cooking Database: