Hi everyone,
To congratule New Child Feature, We will organize a special event for Child.
🔸Time to send photos via Fanpage: Dec 20th 2019 - Dec 27th 2019
🔸Grading time: Dec 28th 2019
🔸Time to publish results: Dec 29th 2019
🔸Range: Players in Dragon Oath II.
🔸Description: Players, who join in this event, take a picture with your family and child (Require Husband, Wife and Child in picture).Take a picture that you feel is most beautiful and favorite.
⚠️Please note: Both Husband and Wife must show Wedding Title
Then, give that picture to me via Fanpage Dragon Oath II. We will review and choose the 3 best pictures. We will create album and upload all pictures on fanpage.
Send to Picture via Fanpage with form:
➡️Your Character Name:
➡️Wife/Husband's Character Name:
x1 Child Fashion (Optional)
x1 Set Blue Baby Gear (6 Child's Book)
x10 Glory Pearl
x5 Eye Pearl
x1 Child Fashion (Optional)
x3 Blue Baby Gear (3 Child's Book)
x8 Glory Pearl
x3 Eye Pearl
x1 Child Fashion (Optional)
x2 Blue Baby Gear (2 Child's Book)
x5 Glory Pearl
x2 Eye Pearl