Hi everyone,
To make the server happier before BIG UPDATE is updated, we will organize EVENT in the first day of year.
And, Don't worry, in the next update, we will have a lot of events for everyone can join to get items <3
đź•”Event Time: 4:00 PM (16:00) UTC (Server Time)
GameMaster bring lots of items will appear in turn at OUTSIDE MAP. (3-5 MAP)
GameMaster will have crime and mission of players must kill GameMaster to get rewards. Players follow system chat to know where GM is.
When GameMaster die, he will drop box, and items will be random like picture.
Beside, whoever last hit GM will get rewards from DO2Team. We will announce list of players, who kill GM.
Each player last hit GameMaster will be received 5x Artifact Spell Lv 2 + 3x Power Panacea