Souls have 2 types: Red Soul (Strength) and Blue Soul (Intelligence).
At NPC Cliff Wu, Da Li (139,179).
Upgrade Level Synthesis:
Using 2 Souls the same ‘Level Synthesis’ to upgrade the next Level Synthesis.
Example: Using 2 Souls Level Synthesis = 1. After finishing, Soul will have Level Synthesis 2.
Max Level Synthesis: 7.
Extend Slot Attribute:
Using Wood Arrow or Super Arrow to increase ‘Slot Attribute Extended’: Slot Attribute Extended use for learning Attribute of Souls.
Arrow Arrow
Learn Attribute Extended:
Souls have 4 Attributes: Res. – Atk – Destruction – Critical
Each attribute have 4 mains: Ice – Fire – Thunder – Poison.
At Cliff Wu, choose Learn Attribute Extended. Putting your Soul and Attribute Book you want to learn.
Upgrade Attribute Extended:
Using Element Stone to upgrade.
There’re 4 types: Attack – Resistance – Destruction – Res. Reduction.
Element Stone must the same level compare to level attribute. After finishing, Level Attribute will increase 1 level.
Skills of Soul:
When your Soul achieve Lvl 40, 70, 90. It will be learned Skills of Soul.
To increase Lvl, using Soul Scrap (Red – Orange – Yellow) to increase EXP. When full of EXP, Soul will up 1 level.
Upgrade Skills of Soul:
Using Soul Ice Ball to increase level skill of Soul. Level skill must equal level Soul Ice Ball. After finishing, level skill will increase 1 Lvl.
Max Level Skills: 6.

At NPC Tung Wu, Da Li (140,180).
Delete Attribute Extended:
If you want to delete attribute you learned. At Tung Wu, choose Delete Attribute Extended. After choosing Attribute you wan to delete and click OK. Attribute chose will be disappeared.
Element Stone Synthesis:
You can bring 3 Element Stone the same type and level to synthesize a Element Stone next Level.
If Element Stone’s under Lvl 5, you must have 3 Element to synthesize.
If Element Stone’s Lvl 5 or higher, you must have 2 Element to synthesize.
Soul Ice Ball Synthesis:
Bringing 5 Soul Ice Ball the same level come to Tung Wu, Choose Soul Ice Ball Synthesis. Choosing Soul Ice Ball you want to upgrade.
5 Soul Ice Ball the same level can synthesize into a Soul Ice Ball of one the higher.
Change Properties:
Using Soul Transform to change Properties.
Souls have 4 properties: Wind – Fire – Water – Thunder
Reset Growth Point:
Using a Crystal Stone or God Stone to reset Growth Point. Using God Stone will have the rate higher.
Reset Skill of Soul:
Using Rock Spirit of Souls to reset Skills. Skills will change random after you reset.

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