In this update, New feature will be released to help everyone can find B-Tokens, Class Contribution, Ivory,etc... Beside, we will adjust time BOSS in server.
🔸King's BOSS:
🕔Each 5 hours, BOSS will appear, specific time:
2:30, 7:30, 12:30, 15:30, 20:30 (Server Time)


🔸KunLun Land:
🕔Time: All day.
🕔Golden Hours: 1:00, 6:00, 11:00, 14:00, 19:00 (Server Time)
You must reach to Level 60 to enter the scene.
Map have 2 types ore. Small Ore and Large Ore. You have 15 times to mine each day. Each mining, You will receive 5 -> 15 Ivory, 7->21 Bind Tokens, 5->20 Class Contribution points, Cotton Cloth Scrap, Dark Silver Nugget, Refined Iron Chip.
In the Golden Hours, Small Ore will x2 value, Large Ore will x4 value. Beside, In this time, Ore will drop randomly Monolithic Gold (Lv 1-5). Sell it to businessman to exchange large amounts of Ivory.
Note: Monolithic Gold can trade with other players.


🔸Dragon BOSS:
🕔2:00 A.M, Sunday (Everyweek)
Boss drops many valueable items. (Gems Lv4,5, Lv 1,2 Gem Melting Plan, Power Panacea,...).


🔸Phoenix Town (Battle Alliance):
🕔14:00, Sunday (Everyweek).

⚠️Attention: In that events time (Dragon BOSS and Phoenix Town), KunLun Land will not increase x2 value.

🔸Increase GOLD rate in TRADE.
We will adjust gold rate in trade. (1.0 [Current] -> 1.2). On Saturday, benefit will incease more rate. You will have lots of gold when trade in this day.

🔝Update Skill 86 and New Icon.

🔝Increase DROP and Ivory of Painting Scroll and Pearl. 1 slot combine 99 items.


🔝Fix bugs.
🔝Update Theif Raid Sphinx.

🌟Special Events in November:
🌟Lucky Bingo:
Now, Lucky Bingo will give you more EXP (x10 compare to the present) and Gold Silk.