???[NEW UPDATE]???
To prepare for the official server. We fixed something to balance server between Recharge person and Farm person.
Server won't be too fast or too slow.
1️⃣ Now, you can use to Gold to buy Gems and Materials Gem in shop. We won't sell Gems by Token. Everyone can join in Transporting, Water Prison, Banknote,... daily to find Gold.
2️⃣ Update New Event - Dragon Area
⏱At 3:00 A.M (Server Time), When anyone use Guild Letter join in Dragon Area, BOSS will be activated. Everyone use Guild Letter to join in this event.
Killing BOSS, which drop lots of Dragon Box. Dragon Box contains lots of rewards. All participants will receive rewards when the event ended. Beside, If you appear in the Ranking, you will receive more rewards. TOP 1-15 will be received Gems Voucher, which use to Victory Gems Level 3.
?Dragon Box drop:

  • Victory Gems Level 1,2,3 (Random).
  • Lv 1 Gem Melting Plan (Only drop at BOSS, Not sell in Token Shop).
  • Greater Blue Ball of Brilliance (x2.5 EXP).
    Murong will be updated in the next update. We're fixing some bugs from Murong.
    Now, introduce to your friends to make this server better !!