To prepare for the new server. We will proceed close the current server and compensate for players in Memories Serer.
Official Time: Friday, 15 Nov 2019 (UTC Timezone)

?Compensation policy for Memories's Players:

1️⃣ Refund 100% Silver for players, who recharged in Memories Server with new rate
??? ???????? ????: 1$ = 600 Tokens

2️⃣Compensation base on Equipment Points

This points will rely on Equipments (Artifact, Hidden Weapon, Ring, Amulet,...), Gems, Scuplt, Level, Attribute (Fire, Ice, Thunder, Poison Atk., Str., Int., Sta., Hit, Reflexes,...)

Equipment Points

3️⃣ Compensate Silver(Tokens) based on your character current level in Memories Server:
✔️ Level 50 - Level 60: 5.000 Tokens
✔️ Level 61 - Level 70: 8.000 Tokens
✔️ Level 71 - Level 80: 10.000 Tokens
✔️ Level 81 - Level 90: 15.000 Tokens

4️⃣Conpensate Tokens for players, who achieved TOP BEST PLAYER, TOP CLASSES and THE FIRST ARTIFACT

➡️TOP 1-3: 30.000 Tokens
➡️TOP 4-10: 20.000 Tokens

➡️15.000 Tokens /1 player

➡️10.000 Tokens /1 player

5️⃣Compensate Tokens for players, who reported BUG in test server
✔️Compensate 100% Silver(Tokens) for players, who reported bug in test server with new recharging rate.

⚠️Note: Those who are on the report bug list at test server haven't received Tokens. Please inbox fanpage to be solved