Pet system of Dragon Oath is very diverse. This is a highlight and an important part in this world.
Have 3 types: Wild Pet, Young Pet and Rare Pet.


You can press Alt + X to open Pet Table.

Own Pet:

-Each character can bring 10 Pet, include Pet bar bought in Token shop.
-At Pet Island, Pet Hill and Wild Snowfield. After killing monster, having rate appear Wild Pet or Young Pet.
-Beside, participating in event or killing BOSS also have a chance receive Pet Egg.
-The last, you can buy Pet Egg and some item for pet at Token Shop.

Pet Attribute:

-Physical Attack
-Spirit Attack
-Balanced Attack


-You can check Pet Pedigree at Si Si White, Su Zhou(86,142).
The higher pedigree, the more aptitude is added.
Pedigree: Normal - Good - Preeminence - Excellence - Perfect

Pet Tranformation:

Change pedigree of Wild Pet and Young Pet ( Not Breed )
Depend on level pet that uses Pet book suitable.
After transform, level pet will back level 1, pedigree, savvy, skill will change.
Using Pet Book ( drop in BOSS or buy in Token shop ) to return to child.


The higher the savvy, the more aptitude is added.
Using Wild Pet the same type have the higher savvy to upgrade savvy.
Can use Savvy Bone Pill to upgrade savvy.

Breed Pet:

-The same type pet and different sex.
-Level >= 30.
-Checked pedigree.
-Not breed.
2 people create team and go to Si Si White, Su Zhou(86,142) to click Breed pet.
Pet was born which can't return to child. 20 levels away, you can continue breed again.

Skill Pet:

Pet have maximum 7 skills difference. Each skill support for it and support for char.
Pet can learn skill automatic when it upgrade level. You can learn skill for pet at Nana White, Luo Yang(183,157).
Skill pet drop in BOSS, event or buy in Token Shop.