✨The first Gift-Code of the official server has appeared.

Don't let you wait too long, Roadmap has been officially announced. Like-Share to get the first Gift-Code for the official server right now!

?Event Priod: June 18 - 30th, 2023

?Just do a few simple steps to own Gift-Code from Dragon Oath II.
?Step 1: Like & Share this article.
?Step 2: Comment "Let's revive the original Dragon Oath with me" and tag 1-3 friends to invite them join the server.
Ex: Let's revive the original Dragon Oath with me @Friend1 @Friend2 @Friend3
?Step 3: Gift-Code will be automatically sent to you before the server officially opens.

? Rewards (All items will be bound):

  • - 1x Gem Voucher Lvl 3
  • - 1x Ruby Essence (Lv 4)
  • - 2x Blue Ball of Brilliance
  • - 20 Ivory

All information about the upcoming server will be continuously updated on the page. Please follow and like the page to update the latest news ?

⭐Website: https://do2us.com/
⭐Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/do2us

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