Planting is the life skill that requires the most time, from mastering to waiting for the harvest. Cultivation provides:

Fabrics used in Sewing skill.

Agricultural products used in Cooking skills.

In the main cities, there will be small fields on either side of the city gates for us to do farming without going far!

  • - Condition: Level 20

Learning Plant Skill:

  • - Da Li: Uncle Smartweed (44,130), Uncle Gong (277,167).
  • - Su Zhou: Chen Lin (63,200)
  • - Lou Yang: Farmer Liu (218,262)
  • - Kroraina: Rock Zhang (74,246)


Planting for the current level proficiency and upgrade skill level.
Levels 1 - 5: Upgrade at NPC that teach planting in main cities, consuming gold and experience.
Levels 6 - 10: Upgrade at NPC Officer Chu, Guild City (129, 96)

Planting Distribution

Consumes 30 energy for each planting, Early Harvest is 5 minutes after harvesting (5 agricultural products), Slow Harvest is 65 minutes after harvest (40 agricultural products).

Note: Blue line is raw materials for Sewing Skill