Dear everyone,
👉To promote this game to more people. Together create a crowded and sustainable Dragon Oath community. We have an event open to all Dragon Oath II players. As follows:

📌Starting Time: July 1st 2023 - July 31th 2023 (GMT +0)

📌Conditions: Live-stream on TikTok


  • - Live-stream on TikTok by your PC or your phone.
  • - Required more than 1.000 Followers to live-stream on PC.
  • - For any account doesn't enough 1.000 Followers. You can use your phone to live-stream.
  • - Contact us in messenger to take Game Logo.
  • - The minimum duration of each live stream is 60 minutes.
  • - When you live-stream, send the link to the page and after live, take a screenshot of the live results statistics in TikTok LIVE Studio.


  • - Daily Gifts: For anyone live-stream at least 60 minutes. After live-streaming, take a screenshot of statistics and contact us in the page to get gift-code.
  • - Weekly, Monthly Gifts: Check in the picture or comment.

‼️Important Notes:

  • - Each people can receive 1 weekly and monthly milestone rewards.
    - Example: if you have the highest number of views and the most live time at the same time. You can only receive 1 of 2 rewards. The remaining reward will go to the next person.
  • - For Weekly Rewards: Need live-stream at least 3 hours per week to receive TOP rewards.
  • - For Monthly Rewards: Need live-stream at least 20 hours per month to receive TOP rewards.


Dragon Oath II - Revive The Original Dragon Oath