Dear our friends,

?In the near future, the bloody battlefields at Pet Island will be hotter than ever with the Pet Master event. Let's join the new server with us at 1:00 PM (13:00), Saturday, July 1st, 2023 (GMT +0)

?Event Time: July 1st 2023 - 23:59, July 15th 2023 (GMT +0)


  • - Only accept pets in Pet Island.
  • - Players breed pet at NPC Si Si White, Su Zhou (89,143).


  • - Pet must have Excellence Pedigree or higher
  • - Pets participating in the event must be Savvy 0 (If you already upgraded Savvy, please contact the page, we will help you).
  • - Top 3 players with the highest talent (Excellence and Perfect are both valid and the same) will win.
  • - We will rely on Pet's highest talent to determine. For example Tiger has 1900 Str Tal. We will rely on Str Tal to determine.

?Participating steps:

  • - You take a full screenshot including the character's name and pet frame showing the talent of participating in the event
  • - Then post on Dragon Oath II - GR with the following content:

PetMaster + Character Name + Class

?Link Group:


  • - Eligible pet must be breeded in event time. After sum up the entries, we will check the time, if pet breed after event time, it will be disqualified.
  • - 1 character can only receive 1 reward, when receiving reward, you must have Pet in your account, intact as when taking pictures posted on the group, not upgrade savvy. Related disputes due to purchase and sale, we does not handle.
  • - You must keep Pet until the event ends. In case of reporting the same pet. Whoever keeps that pet will win the prize.
  • - In case if there are 2 pets with same talent (based on the talent of each type of pet), we will be based on the time of posting to sum up win or loss.
    For example: If there are 2 Tiger pets with the same talent 2133. The person who posts earlier will win, the person who posts later will be pushed to a lower rank (if available).


?TOP 1️:

  • - Exclusive Title: Pet Master (4 Element +20 points)
  • - 2x Pet Egg: Prince Nezha
  • - 1x Fashion: Radiant Spring (Permanent)
  • - 300 Gold

    ?TOP 2️:
  • - 2x Pet Egg: Half Moon Lance Wolf
  • - 1x Fashion: Radiant Spring (90 Days)
  • - 1x Ride: Phoenix's Serenade (Permanent)
  • - 200 Gold

    ?TOP 3:
  • - 2x Pet Egg: DarkMagenta Wolf
  • - 1x Fashion: Radiant Spring (90 Days)
  • - 100 Gold

⚔ See you all at 1:00 PM (13:00), Saturday, July 1st, 2023 (GMT +0).

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