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  • - Before that, you guys already knew how to craft with Sewing and Crafting Life Skills. In addition, to own Craft Equipment, we have another way to use Cotton Cloth, Dark Silver and Refined Iron. This way is a little different from the other versions. Please read to avoid missing out.

‼️Note: Craft Equipments on server maximum 6 STARS.

To be able to craft equipments by Cotton Cloth, Dark Silver, Refined Iron, you must learn Sewing and Crafting skills first and must have a suitable Recipe.

👉Attack Equipments (Crafting Life Skill):
👉Defense Equipments (Sewing Life Skill):

❓How to get materials?

  • - Cotton, Dark Silver and Refined Iron will drop in Daily Events, Liquid from Token Shop and from Secret Golden Chest.
  • - Materials maximum Level 4.
  • - Plan in Token Shop.

❓How to get Recipe?

  • - You can buy recipe at Class Master in your class by Class Contribution.
  • - Click to NPC, there will a option "Recipe (Cotton Cloth, Dark Silver, Refined Iron)"


  • - Class Master only sell until Lvl 7 Recipe.
  • - Lvl 8, 9, 10 Recipe have to get from Daily Events (Applies to all crafting forms)

⭐Cotton Cloth, Dark Silver and Refined Iron are rare and precious materials. So, if people want to create more, more chance to get good equipments. Let's learn how to craft with Sewing and Crafting thourgh Planting and Mining.🥰

‼️ If you have any question or want to know more about any life skills like Sewing, Mining, Crafting, etc... Don't hesitate to contact me in messenger.
Let's revive the original Dragon Oath with us. 🥰


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