Learning Sewing Skill at Silky Wong, Da Li (242,171). Then, You can upgrade skill without expert.

Making clothes by sewing skill consist of 1 side and 4 main parts:
You must have a fomula to learn make clothes you want.
You can buy fomula in the urban map and BOSS.
Level 1-2: NPC Sewing in the urban map ( Da Li, Lou Yang, Su Zhou ).
Level 3-4: NPC Tulin Ma – Werewolf Plain (70,48).
Level 4-5: NPC Shiny Kuo – Yan Tomb 5 (95,25).

  • Open the chest on correstponding level map.
  • Buy Fomula in Guild City.
  • Use Class Contribution exchange at Master in your class.
    Plans: fomulas equipment require.
    Textile fabric: obtained from cultivation.
    Sewing canvas: obtained from Processing.
    Cloth: obtained from Processing.
    You can learn Processing Skill at Iron Fung, Lou Yang (155,172).
    Cloth consist of 3 types:
  1. Basic: Making from Casting Material level 1-3.
  2. Intermediate: Making from Casting Material level 4-6.
  3. High: Making from Casting Material level 7-12.

• You can receive high cloth from Processing when you use Casting Material Level 7.
• Casting Materia are sold in the Bank.