Mining to collect minerals used to make weapons by Casting and Crafting Skills.

Buy Pickaxe in the grocery store at NPC and move to the map to start mining.

šŸ”°Learn Skill

You can learn this skill in the main cities and upgraded skill level in guild city:

  • - Da Li: Master Tung (216,116).
  • - Luo Yang: Copper Hsueh (211,151).
  • - Su Zhou: River Zhang (260,131).

šŸ”°Upgrade Skill Level

Mining for enough proficiency points for upgrading level and go to NPC to level up.

Levels 1 - 5: Level up at NPC that teach mining in main cities (Coordinates above), costing Gold and EXP.

Levels 5 - 10: Level up at NPC Sturdy Ma (66, 57), costing Gold and EXP, Guild Contribution.


Note: Blue line is materials for Crafting Skill