Dear DO2 Players,

?First of all, I would like to thanks for your love and contribution for Dragon Oath II. The server has been growing day by day, the number of players accessing not only has not decreased but is also increasing many. Therefore, this article was born in the hope that it can help new players be a little easier on the road to conquer the world ❤

Let's start from that after successfully creating the character, enter the game ❤

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1. Newbie Set and Newbie Gift Package

After logging the game, you will get a Newbie Gift Package in your inventory and you can receive Newbie set (includes Locust Stone) at NPC Venerable Master, Da Li (165,165).

Newbie Gift Package is an item that opens by level, each certain level, you will receive some support stuffs such as Dragon Sphere, Blue Ball of Brilliance (X2 XP), etc... It can help you easier on the road to conquer the world.

2. 7 Days Login Gifts

  • Besides, you can receive "7 Day Login Gifts" at DO2 Utility button (above, right hand, next to HP bar). Gifts include Lv 1 Synthesis Spell, Gem Voucher Lv 3, B-Token, etc...

3. Newbie GIFT-CODEs from PAGE

In addition, you can contact Dragon Oath II page to receive a GIFT-CODE. Lots of gifts support for new players there.

After getting GIFT-CODE, you can go to Da Li (170, 170), Lycoris Radiatato activate GIFT-CODE received.

4. Daily Attendance

You can attendance everyday at DO2 Utility Button. You can get a certain B-Token and Ivory after attendance.

At milestones 5 10 15 20 25 Days, you can receive extra gifts from it.

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⭐1. Levels 1 - 39

In this stage, you should do Main Quest, EXP and Gold gained will be more and more stable than Training in Outside Map

And ofc, if you have master or friends, you can ask them lead for training, it will be faster than a little bit.

⭐1. Levels 40 or more

  • - In this stage, you can choose for yourself 1 of 2 ways to level up. Specificially:

?Option 1: Solo Training

  • - For this way, you need to own for yourself a good pet with Astute style, Tal. good enough and pet already learned Adv Counterattack SS skill.

?Pros and cons:


  • - Fast Training, A lot of EXP
  • - Do not depend on anyone, get all materials from monster drops.
  • - These materials can be used to create crafting materials or selling peddle for gold.


  • - This way requires spending a small amount of Tokens to be able to buy yourself a Pet to train.
  • - If there is a team ks your mobs, it is difficult to optimize the amount of experience (EXP) received.

?Option 2: Team Training

  • - For this way, you need to have a team with enough damage to be able to train at the training spot.

?Pros and cons:


  • - Easy to train, can auto train and AFK do other things.
  • - You can train, talk and even war with your team to get training spot.


  • - Depends on the number of people and damage in the team.
  • - If anyone in the team is leave, if your team lose damage, you and your teammates can go down to meet Po Meng at any time.

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⭐1. Levels 40-49

  • Yan Tomb 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Dragon Cave (Su Zhou -> West Lake -> Mt. Fire Rock -> Dragon Cave)
  • Fodder Grassland (Luo Yang -> South Yan -> North Yan -> Fodder Grassland)

⭐2. Levels 50-59

  • Yan Tomb 3, 4, 5
  • Dragon Cave (Su Zhou -> West Lake -> Mt. Fire Rock -> Dragon Cave)
  • Carven Miao (Su Zhou -> West Lake -> Mt. Fire Rock -> Plum Hill -> Carven Miao)
  • Crystal Cave (Luo Yang -> South Yan -> Grassland -> Crystal Cave)

⭐3. Levels 60-69

  • Yan Tomb 5, 6, 7
  • Carven Miao (Su Zhou -> West Lake -> Mt. Fire Rock -> Plum Hill -> Carven Miao)
  • Fairy Cave (Da Li -> Werewolf Hill -> Stone Forest -> Jade Creek -> Fairy Cave)


  • You can join daily evemts like Chess Challenge, Treasure Hunt, World Soccer to optimize the amount of exp received (x3 EXP)
  • When training, you can use Blue Ball of Brilliance to x2 EXP received.

Part 1 will stop here ❤ Part 2 I will guide you in more detail so that you can better understand about this gameplay.

⁉️ If you have any questions or comments, please message me through messenger.


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