Zion Server - Dragon Oath II release next level cap 89. And of course, along with level 89, the Refine Artifact Level 82 92 102 feature is also unlocked.

To refine Artifact Level 82, you have to go to meet NPC Alexander Au, Su Zhou (267,144) to do it.

How to refine Artifact?

To refine Artifact Level 82, you need to collect enough 5x Lv 1 Artifact Spell to refine.

Only Artifact Level 82 or above can be refined.

To own Lv 1,2,3 Artifact Spell, you need to challenge Swallow's Dock. Your team have to reach level 8x to drop Lv 1 Artifact Spell (Lower than 8x there will be no drop)

Required materials:

  • - 5x Lv 1 Artifact Spell
  • - 1x Artifact Level 82

Note: After refining, Artifact level 82 will be upgraded to level 86. All Enhance levels, Gems won't be changed.

After refining, you can still continue use 5x Lv 1 Artifact Spell to refind again to change stats until you are satisfied.

Here are some Artifact 86 images of all classes.

Goodluck to you!