?A thousand ways to earn Gold/Token without recharge?

Dear everyone,

These are the ways I know, hopefully can help you in playing the game easier. The reason I said Server almost FREE and you can play without recharge because many players in server has been doing this.

?Most of the items in this version are usable. Can be sold for Gold or Token.

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Crafts in this version are very precious. Most people are mainly using the Class Set, so a good crafts can sell for many Tokens.

?There are 2 ways to craft:

A. From Cotton Cloth, Dark Silver and Refined Iron

B. From Planting, Mining materials

I went around Peddle in Su Zhou and Luo Yang, some crafts 2 3* can also sell for 30-50 Gold. Some good crafts even can sell for some thousand tokens.

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Because this version mainly uses crafts made from Life Skills, materials from Planting and Mining, especially Mining are very valuable. You can use Auto to auto planting or mining. Then use it for selling.

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Many items from basic like Cloud Essence, Emery, Class Set 6x, Relic, Class Skill to good items like Lv 1 Synthesis Spell, Soul, Soul Exp, Shopkeeper Handbook, Class Skill 45, etc...

Those stuffs can all be sold for Gold or Tokens.

Example: 1 Shopkeeper Handbook in server is selling with more than 10.000 Token or 1 Good Skill 45 like Vitality can sell for around 2.500-3.500 Tokens.

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This is basic way to get Gold almost every Dragon Oath player knows. The main amount of gold also comes from here and circulates on the market.

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Server have many pets, from Golden Chest, Special Events from GM, Active Shop, Battlefield Shop, etc...

You can select any pet for breeding. If you're lucky, can breed a rare pet last generation with high stats. It can completely be sold to earn a significant amount of Tokens.

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Using Heaven Pot very important in training level, it will help you claim many necessary stuffs. Bring it for selling to Gold/ Tokens

?A. Socket Materials

When you train on the training map, you will receive Socket Materials that match the monster's level.

Example: Training in Fairy Cave (Monster Level 7x) you can get +4 Arrow (Socket Materials 80).

?B. Crafting Materials

Besides, you can get a lot of Craft Materials like +7 Ice Block, +7 Rime, +6 Ice Nuclei, +6 Chacedony, etc...

Bring those materials processing to Canvas, Jade to sell for Token/ Gold.

?C. Location Spell

Through Training, you will get a lot of Brown Paper. Use it to making Lv 1,2,3,4 Location Spell. Make an alts to peddle. I have checked peddle. 1 Lv 2 Location Spell can sell for 1 Gold.

?D. Trashes Weapon or Double Perfect Weapon

Similar to Socket Materials, when training in map, you will get a lot of Trashes Weapon. Bring it for peddling or appraise it to get Doule Perfect. This is also a pretty good source of income without having to do anything.

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This is also a fairly popular form of making money.

For example, you feel a pet is selling for 2k Token, it can completely sell for a higher price thanks to your talent. You can buy it and resell it to others.

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Because everyone will need Gold for upgrading Skill Books or do somethings. Gold is currently very valuable on the server. I don't know the exact value of it but I've seen someone yell on yell chat sell Gold with rate 1:3. 3 Tokens = 1 Gold

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Join Dragon Oath II - GR, Like&Follow Dragon Oath II. There will be many events for everyone to own Token and Gold.

If you still have a better way. Please share with everyone in the comments ❤


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