Fishing brings ingredients for cooking, as well as a low chance of getting 2 items, Fibre and Color, used to make fashion by sewing.

Fishing doesn't take energy, it just takes time ^^.

Buy Fishing Pole in the grocery store and you can go to the river on the maps to fish!

Learn Skill

Can be learned in the main cities (Fish on the map) and upgraded later in the guild:

Luo Yang: Fisher Jiang (207,183)
Da Li: Ling Mu (103,154)
Su Zhou: Calm Chiang (236,77)

Upgrade Skill

Fish for the current level's proficiency and meet NPCs to level up.

Levels 1 - 5: level up at NPCs that teach fishing in main cities, costing gold and experience.

Levels 5 - 10: level up at NPC Amiable Mu in Guild City (49, 92), consuming gold, experience, and guild contribution points.


Use Lv 1 Dark Silver and casting skill to craft high-class Fishing Pole - Angle Chiang (Recipe bought at NPC Sword Smith Wang, Luo Yang (212,159)) so that when fishing, the character falls into an immune state, will avoid be disturbed by monsters and other players hit.

You can buy Lobworm in the grocery store, which increases fishing speed for a period of time.