Crafting Skill is a life skill used to craft Attack Equipments: Necklace, Ring, and Amulet.

Crafting materials:

  • - Plan
  • - Main minerals from mining skills.

?Read more details about Mining at here: Mining Life Skill (

  • - Lv 1 - Lv 9 Jade: Use Materials Processing Skill to produce raw materials with name:

Ice Nuclei
Ice Block

Example: +6 Ice Nuclei, +6 Rime, +6 Ice Block produce to Lv 6 Jade

Those raw materials can get in training map or buy from NPC in Luo Yang Bank Shop.

?How to learn and produce raw materials you can read at here: Materials Processing Skill (

?Learn Skill:

  • - Da Li: Master Moon, Da Li (207,194)
  • - Su Zhou: Tanner Tseng, Su Zhou (108,130)
  • - Luo Yang: Crafty Long, Luo Yang (59,147)

?Upgrade Skill:

Levels 1-5: Upgrade at NPC Teaching Skill in main cities
Levels 6-10: Bamboo Yuen, Twin Island (108,140) and Sturdy Ma, Guild City (67,54)


Buy at Class Master of your class.

?After having all the materials, friends come to the Craft Bench to start crafting.

Su Zhou (106, 126)

Da Li (207,194)

Luo Yang (59,147)