Crafting Skill is a life skill used to craft Attack Equipments: Necklace, Ring, and Amulet.

Crafting materials:

  • - Plan
  • - Main minerals from mining skills.

📌Read more details about Mining at here: Mining Life Skill (

  • - Lv 1 - Lv 9 Jade: Use Materials Processing Skill to produce raw materials with name:

Ice Nuclei
Ice Block

Example: +6 Ice Nuclei, +6 Rime, +6 Ice Block produce to Lv 6 Jade

Those raw materials can get in training map or buy from NPC in Luo Yang Bank Shop.

📌How to learn and produce raw materials you can read at here: Materials Processing Skill (

🔰Learn Skill:

  • - Da Li: Master Moon, Da Li (207,194)
  • - Su Zhou: Tanner Tseng, Su Zhou (108,130)
  • - Luo Yang: Crafty Long, Luo Yang (59,147)

🔰Upgrade Skill:

Levels 1-5: Upgrade at NPC Teaching Skill in main cities
Levels 6-10: Bamboo Yuen, Twin Island (108,140) and Sturdy Ma, Guild City (67,54)


Buy at Class Master of your class.

👉After having all the materials, friends come to the Craft Bench to start crafting.

Su Zhou (106, 126)

Da Li (207,194)

Luo Yang (59,147)