To bring many unique features as well as change War events to make the game more fun and diverse. We would like to introduce New War Event - Emperor's Arena Battlefield.

The first time of this event will be released tomorrow.

Event Time: 4:00 P.M (16:00), Saturday, Sep 30th 2023 (GMT +0)

⁉️How to enter Emperor's Arena Battlefield

At the event time, you can go to talk with Just Li, Da Li (151,171) to enter Emperor's Arena.

  • - The system will automatically allocate the 3 strongest Alliances on 3 sides. The remaining Alliances will enter 4th side.
  • - To join Emperor's Arena Battlefield, you must join a guild and that guild must have an Alliance.
    Hint: You should gather the alliance before 15-30 minutes to deploy tactics as well as distribute the team appropriately before the event to avoid losing the advantage when it's time for the event.

⁉️How to win?

Satisfy one of the following two conditions:

  • - There is an alliance reach the first 1,800 points. The battle will end and victory belongs to that Alliance.
  • - After 60 Minutes, if still no Alliance has reached to 1,800 points, the Alliance with the most scores will win.

⁉️How it works

  • After entering Emperor's Arena, after 1 minute, a Big-Headed Dog will appear in the middle.

  • - Players have to kill BOSS to capture it belongs to your side.
  • - Each some minutes, the alliance keep the dog will increase certain points.

⭐Some Important Notes:

  • - Big-Headed Dog after belonging to your side, BOSS still cast skill and those skill still can attack your side
  • - Big-Headed Dog only belongs to the alliance that has the last hit (kill the boss).
  • - After Big-Headed Dog belonged to Alliance A, Alliance B still can kill it to get it back.