🌟To win at the Phoenix Town Battlefield is not only based on strength but also on the tactics and use of troops of the military leader. Accordingly, players need to understand the situation of the enemy, and at the same time know where to allocate forces at Phoenix Town Battlefield.

⁉️How to enter Phoenix Town Battlefield

  • - At 4:00 P.M (16:00), players can go to to meet Weald Li, Da Li (151,167) or Mask Town (149,151) to participate in Phoenix Town Battlefield.
  • - Maximum of 8 Alliances can be joined.
  • - To join Phoenix Town Battlefield, you must join a guild and that guild must have an Alliance.

Hint: You should gather the alliance before 15-30 minutes to deploy tactics as well as distribute the team appropriately before the event to avoid losing the advantage when it's time for the event.

⁉️How to win?

  • Satisfy one of the following two conditions:
  • - There is an alliance reach the first 10,000 scores. The battle will end and victory belongs to that Alliance.
  • - After 90 Minutes, if still no Alliance has reached to 10,000 scores, the Alliance with the most scores will win.

⁉️How it works

  • - After entering Phoenix Town Battlefield, in the middle, there will appear Phoenix Flag and 4 Crystal Stone: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast.
  • - Players have the task to take the Phoenix Flag and bring it to the Crystal Stone that your alliance is holding.
  • - Each time you pick up a Phoenix Flag, kill Crystal Stone, and hand over a Phoenix Flag, the Alliance will get a certain scores.
  • - During the transportation of the Phoenix Flag. The person holding the Phoenix  Flag can completely be killed by another alliance and reclaim the Phoenix Flag. Players can click "Go" near the scoreboard, to move to the current Phoenix Flag position.

⁉️How to calculate scores

  • - Each time the Phoenix Flag is picked up, the Alliance will gain 120 Scores. Similarly, if the Phoenix Flag is dropped during the move to the Crystal Stone, scores will be deducted.
  • - Each time a Crystal Stone is captured, 90 Points will be obtained. If Crystal Stone of the alliance is captured by another side, 90 Points will be deducted.
  • - Successful handover Phoenix Flag to the Crystal Stone will earn 420 scores.

⭐Some Important Notes:

  1. Murder will not count scores in this event.
  2. After handover the Phoenix Flag to 1 of the 4 Crystal Stone. The other Alliance needs to kill/destroy one of the strongholds of the alliance holding the Phoenix Flag in order for the Phoenix Flag to return to the middle of the map.
    For example: Alliance "A" has successfully submitted the Phoenix Flag to the Crystal, the other Alliances need to destroy 1 of the Crystal Stone that Alliance "A" is holding in order for the Phoenix Flag to recover to the middle of the map.

⁉️Note for flag holder:

  • - In the state of holding the Phoenix Flag. Players won't be able to team follow, can't go invisible, can't use God's Blessing SS/Adv God's Blessing SS, can't riding.
  • - The person holding the Phoenix Flag will have a significant reduction in movement speed. The Alliance will need to protect the Phoenix Flag holder.
  • - If the person holding the Phoenix Flag is killed. The Phoenix Flag will drop at that location and after 1 minute someone else can grab it.
  • - If the person holding the Phoenix Flag is suddenly out of the game, the war flag will return to the center of Phoenix Town Battlefield.

🔰This is a pretty special event of Dragon Oath since the early days of its debut. It combines both strategy and power. If you has strength but you cannot have a reasonable plan, success or failure is unpredictable.