Sculpture are red lines engraved into the equipment to add an amount of stats/ elements that that sculpture brings (Str., Int., Sta., Ice Atk, Poison Atk, Neglect Ice Res., Ice Res., etc...).

  • - There are 5 types of colored sculptures: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple

  • - Perform operations related to Sculptures at NPC Dragon Zhang, Luo Yang (220,170)

Sculpture Synthesis

On Sculpture Recipe will clearly note how much Paint and Brown Paper is needed.

Brown Paper get from training in outside map.

Paint get in Misty Peak or Token Shop.

After collecting enough materials include Recipe, Brown Paper, Paint, you can go to NPC Dragon Zhang, Luo Yang (220,170) to synthesize.

Sculpture Etching

After getting Sculpture, you can etch to your equipment. Bring Sculp. Etching Solvent and Sculpture and perform at NPC Dragon Zhang, Luo Yang (220,170)

Sculpture Enhancement

To enhance the sculpture, you need to consume Gold Silk (Token Shop, Monk, Treasure Hunt). At Dragon Zhang, Luo Yang (220,170), choose Sculpture Enhancement

Sculpture Transfer

You can transfer Sculpture in current equipment to another equipment (required same type)
Example: You can only transfer from Cloth to new Cloth, Ring to new Ring. Cannot transfer Cloth to Shoes.

Sculpture Removing

If you are not satisfied with your sculpture, you can choose to remove it. Use Melting Power and remove at Dragon Zhang, Luo Yang (220,170).
The level of Sculpture after removing will not change.