Hi guys

Today, I will guide you how to craft a Mars Sets. A set just remade very strong, you should have it!!!

First, you have to learn 2 life skills: Sewing and Craft. You can check how to learn Sewing and Craft here:

?Sewing:Crafting Equipments by Sewing (do2us.com)

?Craft: Crafting Equipments by Crafting (do2us.com)

After learning Sewing and Craft. You can buy Mars Set Recipe at Gold Shop.

You can check stats of each Mars Set through previous articles or below.

After learning recipe. You must prepare the following materials:

To create Defense Mars Set, you must have Super 5x Polar Chalcedony, 10x Dragon Seal, 5x Lv 3 Cotton Cloth and Lv 10 Plans. You can sew at Luo Yang (180,180)

Attack Mars Set same but Lvl 3 Cotton Cloth will be changed to Lvl 3 Dark Silver. You can craft at Luo Yang (59,148).

You can synthesize 5x Polar Chalcedony to 1x Super Polar Chalcedony at NPC Tamo Shi, Kroraina (187,224).

?You can get Polar Regions jade at Misty Peak to synthesize Polar Chalcedony

And 50x Dragon Seal Piece to 1x Dragon Seal

?Dragon Seal Piece can get at the last Boss of Misty Peak 75, 95 and Token Shop

?Dragon Seal can get from World Boss Chest

Here is Mars Set of all classes